What you get when you hire a freelance digital marketing consultant


1. An expert. If you are a small organization, you are probably wearing a lot of hats. Your full-time employees are probably also wearing a lot of hats. From time to time, you may need someone with success on a national scale, someone for whom digital marketing is the entirety of my profession, rather than […]

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2015 Professional Development Calls – Non-Profit Communicators

customer service on social media

Since the beginning of 2015 I’ve been calling my fellow non-profit communications professionals to talk to them about their market conditions. So far, the calls have been extremely illuminating. I’ll continue to call for the duration of the first quarter, but I may extend the calls after that if I feel like there’s a need […]

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The Family Timeline – An African Stage Play

The Family Timeline - Final Cover

Fall 2014 I got the opportunity to work with local playwright George Faux on his production of The Family Timeline, an African stage play written entirely in English Creole, which, unlike French Creole, is easy for English speakers to understand. I always talk about how great my clients are, and George is no exception. He […]

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ESMOA Interactive Book Project

Photo credit: Gloria Plascencia, gloriaplascencia.com

Last summer when I built the ESMoA.org for ESMOA, the El Segundo Museum of Art, I knew I was getting to work with a dynamic, engaged team, and I have been extremely happy to be able to continue to work with them since that first project. One of my favorite phrases as a freelancer has […]

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People have been asking me, and the answer is yes, that’s me in that Freshbooks commercial you saw. I have long been a vocal fan of Freshbooks, so when they were making their first national commercial, and they asked me to be in it, I had to say yes. I really thought the first person […]

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Why Your Memorial Day Post Was Offensive, and How You Can Fix It


I’ve talked about tone on this blog before, specifically here, in week four of my Social Media Challenge. It can be a tricky thing, especially around matters of significant cultural weight. This last Memorial Day, I took the opportunity to select some of the best and worst performers from my timeline. Holidays like Memorial Day […]

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Redesign and Update for Classic Parking


Classic Parking, a family owned and operated business based in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, has been serving Southern California and surrounding areas since 1929. In addition to the original parking management services, they now offer transportation through CP Transportation, and security with Classic Protection. The company website hadn’t been updated in several years, […]

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Meet Your Brand: How To Make Branding a Priority

Fast Food Restaurant Employee

When working with organizations on branding, I like to think of the brand as a person. This, of course, goes back to my philosophy of being a person online, but it also makes branding easy for people to keep in mind when they’re doing other things. When you’re interacting with your network, it’s difficult to […]

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AYSO 50th Anniversary Interactive Timeline


Most people who have had kids, or who have been kids since the mid-1970s know about AYSO. This is especially true on the West coast, where the American Youth Soccer Organization started 50 years ago. With over 50,000 teams and 500,000 players today, it’s not hard to find a shot of a smiling kid with […]

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Social Media Challenge 4: The Final Frontier

Photo courtesy of Sean McCabe www.ulation.com

Tone. It’s something that even professional social media teams will struggle with. You may remember the controversial SpaghettiOs tweet from Pearl Harbor Day last year. Their intentions are all in the right place, but something just seems off about that joyfully patriotic little O. Many people perceived the message to be condescending. This is a […]

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