About Marina Martinez Consulting


At MMC Portland we believe in your network, and we invest in that network in order to grow your brand strategically.

Our proprietary process starts with a brief conversation. If we like each other, we sit down and develop a 12-month plan tailored to your history as a company and as a leader. Using that plan as our guide, we move forward with implementation that works with you, and grows community around your brand in an organic, positive way. Digital tools are used to maximize face-to-face interaction rather than replace it, prioritizing relationships and sustainable growth over any one platform.


  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, with response packages that bring people in
  • Blogging in your brand voice on topics that are relevant to your customers
  • Video that showcases your expertise
  • Quarterly analysis and goal assessment meetings to keep us on track to success


We only work with brands who share our commitment to being good, honest, and equitable community partners.
We believe in:

  • Supporting our community and strengthening our economy
  • Retaining current clients and prioritizing good will
  • Creating a quality product

To that end:

  • We are unapologetically pro-union
  • We insist on paying a living wage
  • We refuse to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, class, religion, origin, family status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender presentation, or genetic history
  • We refuse to work with anyone who we know to be discriminatory or exploitative


Marina Martinez is a social media and digital marketing professional based in Portland, Oregon. Since 2007 she he has applied her community marketing model in highly successful, award-winning local and national campaigns.

After a childhood split between Los Angeles, California and Bend, Oregon, Marina attended Chapman University in Orange, California where she earned a degree in Literature. She cut her teeth as a copywriter, quickly becoming head of her department at an e-tailer that specialized in sustainable products.

Moving on to where she could do most good, Marina became National Communications Coordinator at the organizing union AFTRA (now SAG-AFTRA) where she founded the social media program and managed online outreach for their extremely successful merger campaign.

As a free agent, Marina was brought on to consult on campaigns for multiple prominent organizations, including the AYSO 50th Anniversary Campaign, Los Angeles County Firefighters Health and Safety Campaign, Oregon Education Association Summer Campaign, and the Venture Portland 30th Anniversary Campaign.

After formalizing the community marketing process, MMC Portland has grown into a small but mighty local agency with a unique value proposition for progressive businesses: Honest relationship building and positive marketing strategies that focus on retention and sustainability as well as growth.